Be proud of yourself.

This is powerful. I am not sure how you will react as each person’s reactions are different. Some may feel disappointed, others enraged, while others sob like little kids. So get your tissues or anger management classes ready. But I do warn you that portions of the video may be “graphic” verbally that not everyone who has a soul may be able to handle.

Did you have any clue? Did you have an idea of how rough it is for some teens to tell their parents who they truly are? Why must we announce to our society who we are if we are outside of the norm? Can’t we just live our life loving those who we are naturally attracted to?

So many questions and so little time. I hope that you are still taken aback by the footage in this video and I will give you the time you need to recover. I encourage you to use this video as inspiration to pave the way to a better future for our society. Get involved in causes for human rights and equality. Accept your children, friends, family, everyone for who they are and who they love. Why should your opinions and preferences rule the lives of others? Oh wait. They shouldn’t. .


That is all for now. Be good people. Change the world–we all have the power to!



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