Find Your Voice & Inspiration.

We all have those people who post inspirational posts constantly but it is clear to us that they don’t take those bits to heart. You know exactly who in your life I am referencing. On the flip side we have those people that we look to quietly as a source of inspiration everyday. We wish that we could have their life and inspire others as they do us. Have you told them? Why would you stay silent? Find your voice and say it to them. Now if you were to ask most people who inspires them they will likely say their Mom, Grandma, Dad, Sibling, Aunt, Best Friend, etc. As this is an obvious winner. Have you ever taken the time to look around and find the inspiration from the world around you? For me, not only are my friends and family my biggest inspiration in life but also strangers. Yes, perfect strangers. Working in jobs where I have had to interact with people from all walks of life I’ve learned a lot about people. Everyday I get up and go about my life in this world I find someone else that inspires me to keep striving to achieve my dreams. From someone battling a terminal illness, the single parent struggling to make ends meet, the teenager trying to be heard, to the alcoholic trying to overcome their addiction and the public stigma.

We have control of our voice and our inspiration. It is up to us to find both of them and make sure we embrace them.

This song is something that inspires me and I hope it does the same for you!

An incredible cover of the song “I Was Here.” by Noteworthy

The song done by the Queen herself, Beyoncé

I hope you find your voice & inspiration if you haven’t already. Be a good person and change the world–we all have the power to!



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