Always negative, never positive!

So many Americans refuse to watch the news everyday because it is always focusing on the negatives. Growing up in Metro Detroit murders and scandals is all we heard about flashing across our television screens. I guess it is human nature to always look at negatives but its definitely not that feel good news that we all hope for. Maybe we should be thankful that the news industry doesn’t sugar coat the society we live in. Then again it doesn’t ‘pay’ to cover positive news when you can get so many more juicy details out of something negative.

I have complied just a few websites that provide highlights of positive things happening in the world…not nearly enough sites out there! This isn’t all of them out there but a few to add to your feel good bookmarks folder.

Good News Network | Huff Post Good News | ABC News: Good News

Want a feel good video? Hopefully these 40 seconds will bring a smile to your face!

That is all for now. Remember to always be a good person and change the world–we have the power to!



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