Autumnal Jealousy!

I was inspired by Lacey from Holy Cow, I love that! and so I thought I would talk about some of my favorite things about the fall. Though there is some autumnal jealousy being a Midwest transplant in Central Florida. Some of my favorite things tend to also be things that I miss from home.

First and foremost I miss the pillow talk voice of Tim Allen narrating #PureMichigan campaigns that highlight many areas of the state that most residents have never seen.

I miss the sweet smell of Tim Horton’s fall menu and their creepily perfect looking drinks in their advertisements with an obnoxious amount of whipped cream.

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Have you ever experienced the utopia that is a Cider Mill? It is something that is an absolute requirement when living in the north. Nothing is better than the cider mill donuts and the fresh apple cider from the mill. Complete with the “this might kill you” warning label—its not legit unless it has that gem on it!

But by far my most favorite thing about the fall season is how much I can embrace my cardigan/sweater collection…that I still rock in Florida.  It is also the start to the most important season of the entire year…the Holiday Season. Which means, in case you cared, from the date I published this post Christmas is only 96 days away!

Remember to take time and find what inspires you this autumn and embrace it! That is all for now, be a good person and go change the world–we all have the power to!



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