We are all human.

I am an advocate for change, are you? Take a look at Emma Watson’s announcement of the #HeForShe campaign at the United Nations. Here it is if you haven’t had a chance yet…

(If you are have troubles viewing it here is it’s link: click here)

I am a feminist but I am a man. How does that work? Well lets look at the definition of feminism really quickly according to Dictionary.com


We all have hearts, brains, livers, toe nails, good days, bad days, and get sick…thats because we are all humans! The way the sun shines on me is the same way it shines on you. Why should we view each other any different, why don’t we just view each other like the sun does? Humans are strange. Somewhere in our complicated migrations around the globe we developed this hierarchy of genders that we have never been able to break. Though our global society is at a breaking point with many huge social equality movements at the same time. Every day individuals fight not for their right to party but their right to live. The homosexual community around the world is fighting for marriage equality, women are fighting for equal rights, and others are fighting for justice. We are all human and we should all have an equal voice and equal rights.

So I encourage you to find your passion for the human race and give your attention to the UN and join the #HeForShe movement. Ask yourself as Emma Watson says “If not me, who? If not now, when?”.

Click the photo to take you directly to the campaign and show your support!

That is all for now! Remember to be a good person and change the world– we all have the power to!



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