Ghost Bucket Challenge

It was like an avalanche of a campaign that took the social media world by storm. The forever remembered Ice Bucket Challenge to bring awareness to ALS….or all the other creative names people came up for it. The true impact of this challenge will never be able to be fully measured as it extends beyond the financial contributions to the various ALS organizations. It engaged grandparents, children, teenagers, celebrities, and even world leaders. Though dare I say it is a thing of the past? I know my social media feeds are clear of the endless hours of videos. If you’re like me you thought that it was an incredible feat for the human race to be able to have that much passion for one cause and unite over it. But you also thought “when will this ever end?” and were scared to say it in fear of one of the many VERY passionate people would attack you. Before I get to the impact that it had we must first draw our attention to the best part of the campaign and that is the Ice Bucket Challenge FAILS. Good god these are hilarious and if by whatever powers you find your own fail below, I’m sorry but thank you.

YouTube Channel: 2M Media | Home of the World’s Funniest Videos

The ALS Association reported that as of July 29, 2014 they have raised over $115 million in donations. This is one of many ALS focused organizations that benefited from the over 1.2 million Ice Bucket Challenge videos created this past summer alone. When we work together look at the difference we can make, its truly inspirational. I encourage you to look beyond the endless videos and go learn more about ALS and the millions of people who are living with this fatal disease.

YouTube Channel: The ALS Association

That is all I have for you now. Remember to be a good person, find your passion, and chase your dreams. Go out there and change the world–we all have the power to!



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