Kickstart Kindness

As Americans and as humans too we are enamored by heart wrenching stories like a homeless person who lives under a freeway overpass but manages to wake up every morning and put smiles on faces of complete strangers. But why must we wait to hear stories like this or stories that source from a tragic event to think of being kind to others? We shouldn’t. You may be thinking to yourself that it is easier said than done but I guarantee you that the only cost will be to get rid of your pessimistic view on the world and situations. Being kind to others and passing a smile can be as innate to us as breathing, the beating of our heart, and the ability to walk. I mean if we think down to the root of these types of stories it all boils down to the pure fact that the most inspirational thing is the strength of a stranger. But are we not strangers to everyone else? So that means to them our strength is inspirational. Now I am not saying to carry fresh water up a mountain with it strapped to your back for a remote village; I am simply asking you to smile, say a greeting, acknowledge the presence of a human being around you. When we notice each other it shows that we care and we should all care about one each other. Overcoming the social wall that has built up about talking to perfect strangers can be hard…not to mention it would probably make your mother cringe after all the “STRANGER DANGER” lessons she has taught you in life. Start small and this is where my idea comes into place and I think it has the power to change the world as we know it.

Every time that we go to watch a motivational speaker we are attracted to them because they are an expert in some topic or have gone through some tragic life event. I am in no way discounting their journey or education but I am saying that I am not an expert in anything but kindness. It is quite simple. I didn’t go to an Ivy league school  and I’m not some successful doctor treating a potential pandemic. I am simply and everyday person attempting to inspire everyday people to live a more passionate life. When we live a more passionate life we have the ability to change the world. I think we can start this more passionate life just simply with two words; kickstart kindness! Start small and write a kind message on a post it note and leave it behind someplace for a stranger and/or say good morning/afternoon/evening to a stranger. Did you notice that neither of these ideas has money associated to them? That is because kindness doesn’t cost a penny its purely a human emotion! Nor should it be random. It should be who we are and what we do.

That is my two cents on kindness. Remember to change the world–we all have the power to!



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  1. We. See Hope says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I feel this has inspired me and it is true to say a smile can change your day and how you feel about yourself, so keep smiling. And of course an act of kindness doesn’t cost a penny, what comes free in life you should appreciate. Beautiful, Thanks.

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