New Year, Old Me.

First, I’d like to call out the elephant in the room which is obviously my inability to maintain anything in life…a health lifestyle, a constant intake of water, and shockingly this blog as well. But just in time for the New Year I thought I would also talk about what the future holds.

Now no matter who you ask, they will swear up one side and down the other that come January 1 they are hitting the gym, eating like a rabbit, and changing their life. Well good for those who do and for the many of us who don’t…you’re welcome Planet Fitness for that extra revenue. But so many people think that at the stroke of midnight it’s time to embrace the ingenious marketing tag line  “A New Year, A New You.” For me I say the heck with that I am going to roll over my same self from last year only set goals for myself in the new year. So instead of those ‘resolutions’ that go no where I am going to set realistic expectations of myself and pray to god I don’t forget about them.

1. Run a 10K by September.

2. Decorate my apartment. The dorm life is in my past.

3. Live more passionately.

4. Donate at least 300 hours of volunteer time.

5. Save money through the year to pay off someone’s holiday lay away.

6. Learn how to manage my money….sheesh

7. Trade in Diet Coke for water.

8.  Be a better friend.

9. Get over my social anxiety.

10. Go to 3 places outside of Florida that I’ve never been.

Those are 10 goals that I have set for myself for 2015. I’m going to hang this list in my home as a constant reminder of what I expect from myself in the coming year. I encourage you to do the same and come up with 10 realistic goals that you have for yourself to accomplish. Take a look at your 2014 self, dust your shoulders off, stand straight up and march yourself in 2015 with the confidence. We are all human and we all make mistakes. That’s life.

So here’s to achieving your goals and living a more passionate life! Remember to go out there and change the world–we all have the power to!



P.S. “I was here” by Beyoncé is my spirit animal. Take a listen and be inspired.

Apparently I featured this song in a previous blog, it is still worth another mention

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  1. thejjreport says:

    the blog is looking great!! can’t wait to see everything you get into this year!


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