It is never too late!

Everyday I try to surround myself with people, words, and music that inspire me to not lose sight of my goals and zest for life itself. It is up to us as an individual each morning, afternoon, and evening to find something that will inspire you to live a more passionate life. This could be the setting of the sun, rising of the moon, a moment we share with loved ones, or even a bite of the most delicious cupcake on the planet. It is this drive that makes us all human because what inspires me doesn’t inspire you. I find running enjoyable while most people probably vomit on the spot thinking about it. That is where I find peace and a time when I can clear my mind and just focus on what I am doing in that particular moment. I find peace at the beach at night listening to the waves crash and gazing at the spectacular collage of stars in the sky. I find peace and inspiration in the creatures that share this earth with us. I find inspiration in the ghettos of every city where ordinary people are accomplishing extraordinary things with less that the basics. I find drive in the music that I listen to that inspires me to take in every moment and absorb every emotion. I find that life is not worth regretting and that you should do what makes you truly happy, not surface happy. But what truly makes your soul, heart, and body happy. Where do you find peace, inspiration, and drive to achieve your goals?

This leads me to share another Wisdom Wednesday quote as inspired again by my dear friend Lacey who maintains her blog Holy Cow I Love That! 

Soure: TheOneLoveMovement on Instagram
Soure: TheOneLoveMovement

So today I encourage you to find your inspiration, today mine is Lacey and her constant drive to search the universe for new and exciting life opportunities. For that, I thank you more than you know.

Remember to go out there and change the world. We all have the power to!



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    1. Thank you so much! 🙂

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  1. Lacey says:

    You’re too kind, Nick!

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    1. Oh stop it, thanks for the inspiration!


  2. Joy Avani says:

    Wonderful post! I am looking for ways to remove negativity out of my life and I think that surrounding myself with positive people will be one of my first steps! I look forward to reading more : )

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    1. Thank you so much for checking out my blog! Pass on the positivity. I always say that good karma comes to good people!

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  3. thejjreport says:

    yay! good post! ed sheerhan IS motivating with his silken ginger vocal cords!

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