Spontaneous Sunrise!

Sometimes in life the best adventures are the ones that are completely spontaneous. The ones where you do not have plans or exceptions. The only plan you have is what time you are leaving and where you are going to end up! That is what happened to me this morning. I decided last night that this morning was going to be the one where I drove just over an hour to the beach to view one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful qualities, the sunrise.


It was absolutely beautiful and the most peaceful thing I have done in a while. There were no other people on the beach so I would like to tell myself that I had my own private beach to enjoy the sunrise on. I spent a total of about an hour on the sand just walking up and down the beach taking in the smell of the crisp ocean air, the spectacular view, and the sound of all the beachside birds! Along my mini adventure there was a ton of washed up trash along the sand and I couldn’t help to think about how everything in life is full circle. That the straw you toss out the window, the balloon you send off, or apparently the comb you lost grip of will all meet again here on the beach probably trying to find peace themselves. But the unfortunate thing is that these items find their way into the homes of wildlife and might end up killing them. So before you treat the street as the worlds largest trash can I just ask that you think of the greater impact on the world.


Once I was done taking in the beach for the morning I decided it was time to take in some breakfast. So I pulled into this place called BagelWorld Cafe and I didn’t need to hear anything else about it besides the name. If you know me you understand my absolute passion for these carb loaded circles of deliciousness. Turns out they are a small local business with 3 locations and they make everything fresh daily. I think I may have hit the jackpot as far as the bagel world is concerned. I got a plain bagel with vegetable cream cheese and a strawberry smoothie. YUM! I will be visiting again on my next sunrise escapade.


Overall, I would say that today was for sure a great accomplishment! Especially because this all happened and I was back home in Orlando by 10am. Most would call me crazy but to that I say that adventure is the spice of life. When was the last time you just set out and a took an adventure?

That is all for now but remember to go out there and change the world because we all have the power to!

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