I think that music has the power to move the world which is a funny saying coming from yours truly, the rhythmically challenged percussionist from my high school band. But none the less I find it so interesting that each person interprets the beat of the song, the meaning of the words, and the rhythm of the notes all differently. I guess in a way that is what makes us uniquely human. With that being said one of my favorite past times is to find a song that I am obsessing over and then head over to YouTube to look for other people’s covers of that song. My current musical obsession is “I Lived” by One Republic. If you have not heard it yet you must! The chorus is my favorite part of the entire song. These are also some of my favorite covers of the song and I think each of them comes with their own flavor.

Original Song: I Lived by One Republic 

Which was your favorite version? Heck, what is your favorite song? I encourage you to go out and search the corners of the interwebs for covers and other artists’ interpretations of these songs. Though what if I blow your mind for a quick second. I promise it will be quick and you can sweep your brain matter back into your head momentarily. What if this was the same concept for other things in life colors, scents, emotions, etc? Does an orange smell the same to me as it does to you? Cue the mind blowing moment…now I am sure there is some scientific answer about that. But just let your mind wander and get lost in those thoughts and you will eventually be lead back to realizing that each person is different and that is what we should embrace about each other. The world would be incredibly boring if everyone were the same.

That is all for now! Remember to go out there and change the world because all of us have the power to!

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