Raise your hand if you’ve posted a self loathing status someplace on social media? Or if you referenced your #ForeverAlone life with cats, wine, or ice cream. STOP THE MADNESS! Now I can’t magically make a significant other appear right in front of your eyes but I can say that you don’t need one for Valentine’s Day. This day is all about love, correct? Don’t you love yourself, friends, family and yes that bottle of wine? Then show those who matter in your life that you in fact love them. Today I took myself on a lunch date, went and got ice cream, even a haircut to boot. This day is about me and my perpetual journey to love myself and my story. Without loving yourself and truly being happy. Remember in a previous blog I mentioned surface happiness? While I’m talking true make your soul smile happiness here. Without these 2 things you will never find someone who truly loves you. For some the harsh reality is that you may never in fact find anyone to live your entire life with. We all can’t be that cute old couple at church every Sunday. But as grime and unflattering as that sounds you don’t need someone else if you are in love with yourself.

Now I am not telling you that you will forever be stuck in that home full of cats. I am just saying that life is all about the journey and it is whatever you make of it. If you choose to spend your entire life searching for Prince Charming or your Princess..whichever you fancy…then that will be your story in the end. But if you live your life searching for adventure, self love and the perfect wine it is possible a long the way you will find your partner in crime.

If you follow me on Instagram, which you should, you saw my post this morning which was a collage of selfies. This wasn’t in an effort to stroke my ego or to talk highly of myself. This was to wash Instagram feeds clear of self loathing Valentine’s Day posts. That make me more angry than anything else on this day! Stop putting yourself down because you don’t have a relationship and start loving yourself! Shooooot. No one is as perfect as you!

This is all I have for you on self love, Valentine’s Day and just today in general! Remember to love yourself while changing the world because we all have the power to!

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