Powerful Greetings!

No matter the way you communicate with the world around you the most important interaction is the greeting. I honestly believe it has the power to change the course of an entire conversation! Personally I make a conscious effort anytime that I am conversing with another human to take a moment to stop and say a simple greeting as well as ask how they are doing. More often than not it throws the person for a loop and they have to think about their response. This is often due to the fact that they are being pushed outside of the lack luster cookie cutter conversation that so many of us in this society have become use to. Now we all have the friend that we can predict the entire conversation with before it even happens and it usually starts with the meaningless “Hi.”…am I wrong? Don’t lie to yourself. You know that you are guilty of this because God knows I am and I apologize to anyone that has fallen victim to this.

I have noticed that just by offering these simple greetings within my conversations that they become more genuine. No matter if they are with the cashier at Taco Bell or a long time friend that we are sharing a bottle of wine. Those also happen to be some of my favorite activities…wine and Taco Bell. But those habits are neither here or there when it comes to changing the world with a hello. I encourage you to try this out in your life and maybe even in your workplace. Just take a moment to stop, breath and offer a friendly greeting and genuinely care how the other person is doing.ย You will see that just by doing this you will make a positive impact on someone’s day and don’t forget to include a smile!

That is all I have for now. Go forth and change the world just one greeting at a time because we all have the power to.

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