Viral Smile!

The only virus that I am excited and overjoyed to get is the viral smile. We have all fallen victim to this happy illness at some point in our life. Possibly even that awkward interaction in the supermarket when you’re going down the aisle and someone is coming at you. First, you both make that super awkward eye contact but make it look like you didn’t. Then they go for the diversion and finally they crack that golden smile. What is typically your reaction? To smile right back at them in defeat. haha

Okay maybe that was a little dramatic to what actually happens in the aisle of a grocery store but you never know! Though it is true no matter when you throw a smile out into the world someone is going to catch it and smile back. It is similar to the saying that a picture says a million words. But in this case its a face and a smile that can tell an entire story. Some use their smile to cover up their emotional wreckage, some use it to pass the happiness on to others, others use it to change the world. But globally a smile is the universal simple for a greeting, a hello, happiness and other positive human things. I often wonder how that even came to how did we all decide that a smile is going to mean happiness but then again it is just an innate thing to do. Kind of like a dog wagging their tail or even a cat purring. I think it all boils down to the quote I share this week for Wisdom Wednesday. It is that happiness has to be shared and it is in our human nature to share out happiness with other creatures. In order to hopefully make then happy and just perpetuate this happiness into a virus. Cue that viral smile!

tumblr_nbatfceJMD1tjigy4o1_500It is up to us to keep this virus going and to make it the most infectious illness there is on this planet. So go out there and smile, wag your tail, purr, or whatever else you have to do to show the world you are happy. Someone will appreciate that smile and heck it may even durn their frown upside down.

Remember to go out there and change the world…with a smile…because we all have the power to!


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