You’re Responsible!

So I must take this time to come clean to you as a honest reader of this blog and supporter of my dreams. I have been lost, confused and slightly discouraged from working to achieve my dreams. Which for someone like me is actually a big blow to myself. This is mainly because it is part of the mental cycle of being a “dreamer”. Are you also a “dreamer”? Someone who lays in bed and dreams so vividly of a successful future that I can taste it and live it in my mind. Though when it comes to taking the physical steps to making it a reality I honestly freeze and become lost. Then following this is a period of discouragement by non other than myself. This is the vicious cycle that takes place within me. Tonight is no different, so I spent a few hours on YouTube watching some videos until I stumbled upon some inspiration. That is the TED talk by Bel Pesce who is a Brazilian Entrepreneur. It was a quick 6-minute video that she took a humorous look at following your dreams. She provides “5 ways to kill your dreams” and it reminded of a very important key to success. That is you are the only person that can make your dreams come true. Which obviously I know but continously tell myself it will just happen…WHICH IS NOT TRUE.

What is my dream? My dream would be to live my life as an inspiration to others. Traveling the world to inspire others to create a better place. Maintain a social presence of good nature that encourages positive thinking, self respect, and social responsibility. Basically living my life to the quote in which I see every morning when I wake up. “Be the change you wish to see in the world” by Gandhi. This is the driving force behind my passion for life and starting now will be the driving force behind making my dreams a reality.

I encourage you to light this fire within yourself as you read this. Take just a few minutes to realize and think about your dreams. What are they? What do you need to do to get there? Create an action plan and hit the ground running. As Bel said “be responsible to your dreams.”

So go out there and change the world because we all have the power to!



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