Meet Princess Callie!

It is true, there is a princess among us. She may be of the kitten variety but doesn’t look so good in her crown? She is my newest sidekick as we take on the world. She is only 9 weeks old but happens to be the most adorable kitten on the planet, I may be bias. This royal feline has only been in my life for just over a Callie5week but I am already getting to know her quirky personality.

Now with my past experiences and growing up with cats I am no novice when it comes to caring for a pet. Though it really freaked me out that another life was depending on me in order to survive. Like what if I forgot to give her food, water or even to give her enough love. But so far a week in and fatherhood is treating me better than I could have ever imagined. It even came with nights of being sleep deprived because this princess thought it would be a royal idea to get a spurt of energy in the night and want to play.

These are just some of the things that has filled Callie’s life adventures over the last week. Also, she has an Instagram..because I’m a crazy cat man. So you should probably follow her there since you’d never want to miss a kitten selfie.

Callie Collage

As you may be able to see this princess’ spoiled life gets very tough sometimes. But in all seriousness I am excited to see where our adventures take us. We both..yes, I’m speaking for her..have a positive outlook on life. Through thick or thin we will make it and tell our story later. Don’t forget to follow her journey on Instagram.

If you are considering bringing an animal into your life please make sure you opt to adopt. There are millions of homeless animals in the world and they could always use your help! I encourage you to find your local Humane Society or Anti-Cruelty Society and donate, volunteer, advocate or adopt.

Go out there an change the world because we all have the power to.


Nick …and now Callie!

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  1. thejjreport says:

    she is so dang cute!!!!!!!


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