Livin La Vida Duggar

Before I dive too far into the rabbit hole let us make one simple agreement between each other. My opinion and views on this topic and everything else are going be different than yours as we are humans. What makes us so great and mesmerizing is that we can literally have 7 billion different views on the same topic/issue. With that said hold your death threats, grammar corrections and tasteless comments. Hear me out as I would do the same for you any day, any time, any place…within reason.

As we are all painfully aware of the recent swarm of media that surrounds one of America’s most interesting families, The Duggars. Now this is where my opinion might differ from yours. But the first red flag to me is when this godly family decided to monetize their faith, values and relationships. Now don’t get me wrong I have kicked back and watched a few episodes especially because TLC is my favorite network on television. Though it never really sat well with me and I knew something about this family was different, obviously.

But that fun fact is neither here nor there so now back to the topic at hand. Which is that Josh Duggar touched girls half his age. Both Michelle and Jim Bob did a recent interview with Fox News where they basically tried their hardest to avoid it all together. Claiming that it wasn’t rape and that it only lasted a few seconds. I say it all a bunch of rotten bologna because were you there at the exact moment of the crime? Do you know the exact events that took place? No. The only people that know is Josh and the victim. It doesn’t matter if you turned to friends, faith and reflection for healing becaue that doesn’t stand in a Court of Law. I find it rather grotesque that it took Josh reaching out 3 times in order for Ma and Pops to finally decide it is something they couldn’t accomplish “in-house”. It was obviously his cry for help because he realized it was wrong.

Gritty details aside I think the point that we all missing is that did Josh get the mental help he so obviously needs? Or did the failed parenting of Michelle and Jim Bob plague him with mental illness for the rest of time? In this situation I think it is so obvious and easy for society to point I did above. But we must dive deeper and know what has Josh done to get the help he needs. He is now a grown adult with a wife and kids and I hope he would never do this to his kids.

I wasn’t there 10 years ago the moment Josh decided to do this nor were his parents or the media. So we may never know what exactly happened as it seems that the Duggar Family is good at one thing and that is keeping things under wraps.

Form your own opinion, learn the facts and comment below! Remember this was just my opinion and take on it all and yours might be different. That’s what makes us human!

Go out there and change the word because we all have the power to!



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