When we were children we dreamed of being a singer, movie star, president or for some the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. I can’t say I didn’t dream of these plus many many many more, it’s actually embarrassing. How could one person have so many aspirations in life? I think it all leads to my desire to move mountains. Not literally, please. But rather in a sense of encouraging people to achieve their dreams and goals. Now I am not perfect, in fact no one is perfect. It is what makes humans so interesting.Β We all have a different journey and a different perspective on each of life’s experiences. Though I know one thing that we all have in common is that we often dwell on the small details in our day to day lives. You’re probably wondering what any of these words have to do with the quote..well here you go. Once you either start changing those annoyances or letting them go you will continue to dwell and continue to be stuck. Let go of those things you cannot change and work to change those you can. We don’t have forever and changing the world or your little slice of the world is important. We wouldn’t be brought on to this planet if we didn’t have something to contribute. So right now, put down what you’re working on and chose something that is an annoyance you cannot change. Take a shot of vodka and let it go…okay maybe sans the vodka but let it go! And please for heaven’s sake do not break out into that overplayed Disney song. Continuously do this throughout your days and strive to always be happy. Don’t let it get you down, it is not worth it!

Remember to go out there and change the world, we all have the power to!



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