Staying Grounded

As we maneuver through our life’s journey we encounter moments that leave us feeling grounded. Making us realize how truly lucky we are to have the things and people that we do. I had one of these momentous situations happen to me early in the morning as I was heading to work. I stopped at a gas station to just grab a quick cup of coffee on my way into the office and little did I know that it would really change my perspective. After I dressed my coffee with vanilla non-dairy liquid creamer…which by the way still freaks me out along with more sugar than should be legal, I went to the register.

In front of me stood a 20-something year old man who was wearing khaki pants and a collared shirt. Upon a closer look as I was waiting you could tell that his clothes hadn’t been washed in a bit but I wasn’t going to judge him, I mean who am I to? When the cashier told him his total which was probably around the ballpark of $4.00 he pulled out of his pocked three $1 bills, a palm of coins and a scratched off lottery ticket. He then handed the cashier his lottery ticket where she reacted very rudely saying “Let’s pay for this first then the ticket since I already rang it up.” to which his response is what floored me. With a sense of embarrassment and aggression in his voice he said “I don’t the money to do that” and when the cashier rudely canceled the transaction and turned around to use the lottery machine he stood there with no censorship and flipped the bird. Yes, the middle finger. I couldn’t even be mad. In the moment I wanted to play the hero role and pay for his breakfast but then I thought to myself I didn’t want to create a larger scene as he was making his struggle work. Now I don’t know him or his journey but what I do know is how he impacted mine.

I will probably never see this man again but who I will see is that cashier that didn’t care at all. She is a human that man was a human and breaking it down to it’s core, humans should care about humans. So her reaction of being rude and ruthless to this man making his struggle work altered the way I will forever interact with her. Now that raises the question of what maybe her journey is. We will never know nor at this point do I want to know. But after this interaction I realized that I am truly lucky to have everyone and everything that I do.

I would love to hear your stories! You know the ones that make you feel human. The ones that make you realize your struggle isn’t a struggle. Or the ones that make you think how great you are at making the struggle work.

Remember to go out there and change the world because we all have the power to.



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