Cleaning Social Closets

As soon as my eyes grazed these words my brain wheels started turning.  They made me begin to think about all the social clutter we accumulate throughout our lives. For me I instantly make a friendship with everyone that I meet. Strange and probably dangerous, I know. Now let’s clear this up, I’m not going to dinner with perfect strangers. But rather continuing conversations with each interaction that I just socially run in to. At any rate, it begins creating all this social noise in my soul due to the fact that I value friendships so deeply. So for this reason I need to evaluate each of of social connections and muster the courage to toss them to the trash or rekindle & foster them.

With that said I think it is also important to know that friendships and conversations don’t need to be used everyday in order for you to label them as valuable. There are certainly people in my life that I do not communicate with daily or even weekly that I consider near and dear to my heart. There are also individuals that I communicate with frequently that remain in that surface cookie cutter conversation. And to those I use my favorite 90’s game show quote “You are the weakest link, goodbye.” What a great show that was. I digress.

Back to the topic at hand. Evaluate all of your social connections. Do you feel the conversation is meaningless, forced or predictable? It is either time to clear your closet of these half hearted socialites or spice your friendships up with more after work cocktails.

Why put out all the effort if you are getting so little in return? This is my issue. I am the person who puts the needs of others before my own and most times works for the best. Though other times it comes and kicks me back on my butt. I will end up putting so much effort into the run around that I often become blind to the fact that the friendship chase is actually happening. This is a flaw and I’m working on it. Starting now. So sorry if you get cleared out of the closet. Friendship is a two-way street, a give and a take. I can’t keep giving to those who don’t appreciate. My energy and time is extremely valuable and I would prefer to put it into a friendship that values it. I hope you feel the way about yourself too.

Wake up tomorrow refreshed, energized and ready to rekindle your social scene.

Go out there and change the world because we all have the power to!



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