More Than Mid-Year Check In

Where in the world has time gone!? I am not sure exactly but what I do know is that the fall season is quickly approaching and I am so excited for everything associated with it. Now as you may be aware I currently call Orlando home and Florida doesn’t really get Autumn. In the same sense as the Midwest that is. Though I am hoping to make it back to the wonderful #PureMichigan for at least a weekend this Fall in order to roll myself in colorful dead leaves, sip some hot apple cider from Tim Horton’s and enjoy the crisp Fall air.

Though speaking of the Autumn that means it is time for me to evaluate how I am doing on those 10 goals that I set for myself this year. I copied them from the original blog post and put my answers in teal below them..yikes it is the moment of truth.

1. Run a 10K by September.
Am I ready for a 10K in 5 days? No. But I am making positive strides. I have hit the gym a lot lately and am really focusing on my health and this is still a goal to accomplish by year’s end! 

2. Decorate my apartment. The dorm life is in my past.
Well this didn’t really happen. Not to mention we are on the heels of yet again another move but I still have until the end of the year right? I have high hopes for my next apartment. 

3. Live more passionately.
This is something that I think I am slowly learning to do. It is more about finding the pillars in your life and being passionate about them. I am definitely living more passionately then I did when I originally set these goals. 

4. Donate at least 300 hours of volunteer time.
I did begin volunteer at the local Animal Shelter but I need to get back into the swing of it immediately and find other opportunities as well! 

5. Save money through the year to pay off someone’s holiday lay away.
This is happening! Check out my DIY video of the Make A Difference Jar.

6. Learn how to manage my money….sheesh
Better luck next year. Haha. Seriously though.

7. Trade in Diet Coke for water.
I cannot even remember the last time I sipped some Diet Coke. I have definitely amped up my water intake and switching tea out for pop or soda as everyone in the South calls it. 

8.  Be a better friend.
I think that I have done this but I guess this is a question for my friends! hahah 

9. Get over my social anxiety.
This is more than can be put into words but I would say that everyday I work harder and harder to get out there. I mainly wrote this goal to get myself out in the world and meet new people. 

10. Go to 3 places outside of Florida that I’ve never been.
I did go to Charlotte, NC for the first time in May and just have 2 places left for the year. 

Phew! We made it through all 10 goals that I set for myself in 2015. I cannot wait to recap them at the end of the year and to see how far I came! Take a look at your resolutions you set and where do you stand?

Remember to go out there and change the world!



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