Autumnal Love

When I ripped off  August 31 on my desk calendar to expose September 1 I knew it would be the start of something new. For me when the Fall arrives I always feel a sense of renewed spirit and a thirst for the future. It could be that the Fall is my favorite season of all time. In the sense of inspiration I found some things that are making me really feel the season!

  1. Being a Michigan native there is nothing that warms my soul then seeing the fall colors and watching the season change before my eyes. As I write the post I am getting excited about it even though I am 1,000 miles away in Orlando.
  2. Another favorite is Fall bon fires. You know where the air is crisp and cool.
  3. Apple orchards, cider donuts, near misses from the buzzing bees and the obligatory hay ride.
  4. Pumpkin everything. Yes, everything. I don’t care how basic that sounds.
  6. The harmony of warm-ish day and cold nights.
  7. Also Fall is the cusp of the Holiday season which we all know is the season that gives me life.
  8. Soup season. Broccoli Cheddar for life.
  9. I feel like in the fall I also dive back into my love of beer and am always up for exciting craft beer adventures.
  10. And most importantly not only Halloween but Thanksgiving!

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Don’t forget to find your inspiration in the season and change the world!



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