Social Media Identity Crisis

We can all agree that the world of social media has exploded. If it isn’t “Facebook Official” it never happened or if you never “did it for the ‘gram” you never did it at all. But in the same breath we all fighting for social media fame. I, myself are no different. Everyday I work towards the social stardom that is full of unicorns, money and unlimited Diet Coke..wait what? That’s right. We have created this idea that once you reach this land of “fame” within the world of social media you will never have to work again.

Well that is partly—okay not true. Every successful person on social media didn’t just stumble into it, they worked long and hard on branding themselves. Creating consistent and engaging content. Building their empire from the ground up. You have to take the approach that you are your brand and decide what you’re going to do with it. Well I still haven’t perfected that. My blog is full of words and no pictures, boring. Hopefully my words keep you entertained. But my YouTube channel sits vacant with more mixed signals of my social image than a high school relationship. My Instagram account has an uneven balance of quotes to my actual life. And my Twitter account is just a feed of my passive aggressive tweets about people and companies. So what have I branded myself into? A hot mess. What was I aiming for? Inspiration and motivation.

Now I know we are all a work in progress but I’m at a crossroads. I know I have the ability, energy and passion to hunker down and build an empire. But at the same rate I frequently ask myself “what are you even trying to do?” then I answer myself with “Trying to be the next Oprah.” Though why do I have to be the “next” Oprah? She’s already taken. Let me be the Nick Beaven of the world. I want to leave a far reaching impact that causes people to realize their potential and achieve their dreams. I want to be the reason that people believe in themselves. I want to be remembered by my words and actions that caused mountains of self doubt to move. I want to build an empire based solely on others achieving their dreams.

What’s the first step? Believing in myself. Realizing my full potential and putting those actions into motion. Instead of dwelling on being the next so-and-so I need to be myself. Be true to my goals and dreams. Then when others will see me living my dream and they will join along. Kind of like when you see Ben & Jerry’s BOGO at the grocery you just can’t stop yourself from participating. I want to be as motivating as ice cream on sale.

Over the next several weeks I need to make an action plan. Execute that action plan. And keep that action plan moving. Who’s in? Me.

Remember to change the world because everyone has the ability to!



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