Papi Where You At?

keep-calm-and-luh-ya-papi-1Now it is no question that I have really created a Papi monster here. I have convinced some at work to refer to me as such, Siri now only calls me Papi but spells it like the flower and even JLO confessed her love for me by writing a song called “I luh ya papi.” How friendly is she?

But I realize that I have just Carmen SanDiego-ed you and you are stuck looking for Waldo among a sea of blogs. But I promise you that I haven’t gone far. I am still obnoxiously tweeting and posting random things to Instagram. Though I have been blogging for some time someplace else in the internet.


My dearest friend Lex & I have taken up a co-venture of blogging about millennials and overcoming societal stereotypes about them at Young & Not Dumb. I would appreciate you taking a peak, sharing it, loving it, and all that jazz. But what’s in it for this blog? A neglectful Papi. I swear I am not ignoring these diary pages just focusing my efforts there.

Though I guess this would the the obligatory I’m back post. The post where I promise to you that I haven’t forgotten and that I was just getting my “creativity back on track.” The one where I over promise content to only under deliever in the coming months. ย So let me channel my inner Ariel and let you know “I’m Back!”


Go out there and change the world, we all have the power to!




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