Anxiety: Tips & Tricks


1. Change is Inevitable

The day I realized that life changes more frequently then the seasons, months or even weather was the best day of my life. Change is something that spikes and sets off anxiety but you have to learn to embrace it just like you do your bottle of wine.

2. Control Issues

As much as you want to be in control of every aspect of everything in your life, you aren’t. Sometimes when you let others or the universe take over you will be amazed by the results. I have seen this first hand and encourage you to do it.

3. What Ifs

The main part of anxiety is the world of “what ifs”. Living your life by what could happen is no way to live. Trust me I spent my childhood “what if-ing” everything. What if I left my 2nd story window unlocked…it is no way to live. You are missing too much of what could be. So stop questioning it and start living it.

4. The World Isn’t Against You

So often we feel that the universe is plotting against us. Planning some sabotage to ruin everything that we worked for. But the best news of all is that it is not. No universal power is sitting up high plotting to wipe your dreams off the planet.

5. Ugh, Life.

You know that feeling when you think you have so much to do you do nothing at all? That is life with anxiety. Sometimes the thought of starting your day is too overwhelming or certain tasks just make you freeze. You must push past that and take your day in small chunks.


That is all for now. But don’t forget to change the word, we all have the power to.



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