They See Me Trollin’

They See Me

It is just a known fact of the internet that there are trolls. They are gremlin humans that sit among us that thrive on putting negative things out into the world. I often wonder what they do for a living and how they make their money. Is there a internet troll network out there that pays them to be absurdly terrible on the internet?

Though everyone chooses to deal with these haters in different ways. Some take their comments as personal attacks on them and their goals. In response they put their dreams on pause until they can make it back to their safety of positivity. Which is kind of creating a rose-colored life where everything is perfect.

Which both yourself and I know is not the case. But ladies and gentleman I have received my first internet troll tweet. It was the proudest moment I have had on my internet journey thus far. I could have gone in to hiding and feared for everything. Or I could continue to live my life with my guiding principle of…-Let your haters be your elevators-

There is no sense in getting all up in arms about the tweet. This individual doesn’t know me and my aspirations for the future. So why would I let them get the best of me? I won’t. I encourage you to pursue your dreams with no limits. Remember that no one great ever did their grind to the standards of society. Despite the hate from others you must push forward. Strangers love providing their feedback even when it isn’t warranted. You are in charge of your dreams and you must make them your reality.

The tweet was in response to my post about managing anxiety. I’ve included their twitter handle, troll as you see fit.

Untitled design (9)


Go out there and change the world because we all have the power to!



P.S. Don’t be a @Maxlydic.

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