Lovin’ Dat YouTubez

One of the advantages of living in our current society is that you basically have the power to create any personal empire you desire. If you want to maintain a blog, record music videos, or even utilize social media for your pyramid scam, you can! We all know that I am trying to dip my toes in that pot. I mean my goal is to create an environment online where you can come, get motivated, and go achieve your dreams. I truly believe that everyone has the power to change the world and create the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Nothing brings my Oreo filled soul more joy  then watching people succeed. Both professionally and personally. I can’t even watch The Voice without getting emotional. I know I’m a wreck. This is why I stick to searching YouTube while at home sobbing happy tears to my cat. I mean I don’t actually cry, not that I’ll admit publicly. But here are some videos of YouTubers that make me soulfully happy and inspire me to continue making my dreams a reality.

It's Nick Beaven (11)

It's Nick Beaven (9)


It's Nick Beaven (5)

It's Nick Beaven (7)

It's Nick Beaven (6)

These are just some of the people that move mountains for me. There are many more I obsess over on the YouTubez. Who are the people that inspire you? Let them know. Send them a text, a letter, or even give them a call!

Go out there and change the world because we all have the ability to!



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  1. genkikitty says:

    You are very right indeed. I love Youtube since someone is always “there” to help you along a path that you are taking. If you change paths, there is someone else waiting in line. That’s why I started a channel so I can make a different in a little way too. Never hurts to help out someone in need 🙂

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