Resolution Recap

We are on the cusp of yet another year of New Year’s resolutions where we over promise and under deliver. Let’s take a look at the goals I made for 2015 and I’ll break down how I did, honestly.

1. Run a 10K by September.

  • I got a FitBit and am focusing on getting 10K steps per day. Working towards this goal still.

2. Decorate my apartment. The dorm life is in my past.

  • Ladies & Gentleman this is taking shape. Honestly, look out. I’m no Nate Berkus but not far off. I’ll do a blog post once everything has taken shape.

3. Live more passionately.

  • This is not something that can particularly be measured or that I can prove in this post. But I would say that this is just an ongoing life resolution.

4. Donate at least 300 hours of volunteer time.

  • Between a few volunteer opportunities I believe I will be near this goal for the year. Though it is still not enough. I will continue to give to the world that has given me so much.

5. Save money through the year to pay off someone’s holiday lay away.

  • This may not happen. I’m trying to pay those bills. But you better believe I will tackle this for the coming year!

6. Learn how to manage my money….sheesh

  • Right.

7. Trade in Diet Coke for water.

  • I have significantly decreased the amount of Diet Coke intake. But also increased my wine consumption.

8.  Be a better friend.

  • Same as living my life more passionately this is just an ongoing process. But I would like to pat myself on the back thus far. Just a constant reminder to myself…honesty is the best policy.

9. Get over my social anxiety.

  • Definitely making progress!

10. Go to 3 places outside of Florida that I’ve never been.

  • I went to Charlotte, NC in May but it appears I need to make 2 emergency weekend road trips before year’s end!


As you take this month to develop your personal goals for January remember to keep them realistic and obtainable. Trust in yourself and with enough hard work you can make them a reality. It is important to remember that you don’t make any resolutions that are dependent on the success of others. Create your own empire, you can.

Go out there and change the world because we all have the power to!



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  1. genkikitty says:

    Sounds like you have been very busy this year, congratulations! Changing ones’ life is hard but it sounds like you are taking the reigns for sure!

    Liked by 1 person

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