Traditions of Giving

They See Me (3).pngWe are full swing into the holiday season and you can’t deny it. We are amidst Hanukkah and on the cusp of Christmas and Kwanza. The thread through all of these religious holidays is that it is a time for friends and family to come together. Now don’t get me wrong I am down for an ugly christmas sweater party any time any place. Which I will probably end up dawning some type of cat sweater and you will have to deal with it.


Though with the holidays come traditions. Now these can range from basting the christmas ham with a special sauce to visiting the mall Santa and everything in between. Though in my family one of our greatest traditions is that we don’t exchange gifts among our extended family as we use to. But now we take a different approach to the holidays.


Instead of exchanging gifts with each other we adopt-a-family for the holidays and split it among all of us. Some give money for a grocery gift card and others buy specific items for the family. We have been doing this for many years now and it feels good to provide the holidays to families that may not be able to otherwise.

The driving force behind our tradition isn’t because we are whipping around in our Range Rovers and having catered dinners in our mansions. It’s because of this guiding principle my grandmother always tells us.-Let your haters be your elevators- (1)What are your family traditions? Do you have a tradition of giving? It can be from donating money to a cause you support, volunteering together as a family, or helping to make the holidays happen for those who wouldn’t otherwise make it happen.

Remember to go out there and change the world because we all have the power to!



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