What is success?

When I was 14 years old I thought that I had life figured out and I was obviously the smartest human on this planet. I thought that by the time I turned 25 I would have a solid job, own a home, have a family, and be cruising my Range Rover around town. But actually my life is the complete opposite of all of that and I have never been happier. Life is about the journey and the unexpected things that get dealt our way.


Society sets these expectations on our lives of what and when we should accomplish things. Just think of your high school or college graduating class. Take a look at that sample of society and all the directions that life took everyone. I know for me some of never left the city where I went to school, some are raising several children, others are doctors, and many are just living life.It's Nick Beaven (17)That is because something as subjective as success is up to you as a person. Some people consider a billion dollar bank account success. If you’re reading this and you got a couple billion in the bank, give me a ring. At any rate others are genuinely happy living modest lives, having family around, and harvesting green beans. It’s your life and your happiness.

To me success is not only a billion dollar bank account and social media fame. You think I’m kidding. I am, kind of. It is about the authentic relationships that I form with others, giving my time and passion to causes that move me, and truly having an impact on this world.It's Nick Beaven (19).png
When you feel down because you have $16 to your name and steamed broccoli on your plate, don’t. In order to have peaks of greatness in your life you must have valleys. So make the best of this crazy thing we called life!No, you haven't.png

Go out there and change the world because we all have the power to!



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