Resolution of 2016

Earlier this week I posted on Facebook celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the flip phone. Even paired it with a witty Adele reference, naturally. Then when a friend commented on my photo informing me that 1996 was 20 years ago I nearly fell to the ground wondering where time had gone. What do I have to show for it and where is my life heading? As I approach my 25th birthday many would classify this as a quarter life crisis. But who says I’m living to 100?! At any rate, I’m motivated to take on this year more than any before. I am entering it with only one resolution.It's Nick Beaven

What does that even mean? That means to set down the Oreos and love myself and the journey. It means that when I am doubting myself and my abilities to turn to myself for inspiration not the cookies. With the world we live in today we cannot afford to do anything less than love ourselves, the people in our life, our daily life, and our dreams. This is my plan to make this resolution to come true.

COLLECTIONSI am putting the day of the cookie avalanche and refined sugars behind me. Obviously I am not dropping it completely but I need to detox my body from this first world addiction.

COLLECTIONS (1).pngAs of the first of the year I am getting rid of the consumption of alcohol. After realizing that my college style parties are for sure behind me. No one enjoys hangovers but I literally am such a little baby with them. I revert to infancy. So who knows how long this drought will last but I’m excited to see!

COLLECTIONS (2)You read correctly, useless carbs. In a world full of “low-carb” “no-carb” diets I just want to get rid of the useless ones. For instance the complimentary bread that restaurants provide you. If it isn’t a necessary part of what I’m eating to the wind with you.

COLLECTIONS (3).pngTaking the time to realize that we live in a world of instant gratification. Also taking time to realize that it is no way to live.Trying a little and walk away when it doesn’t work. Shut up, sit down, and keep my focus on my dreams.

COLLECTIONS (4)That’s literally my goal. I set my FitBit step goal to 15,000 steps per day and my goal is to meet that. I can’t get that from binge watching Mob Wives. Another goal that has rolled over to this year is to complete a half marathon.


Life is such a precious thing. Every single day thousands lose their life naturally and not so naturally. So my goal is to realize that my one true love, besides my cat, is myself and my life. Do things that inspire me, motivate me, and push my soul to be happy.

COLLECTIONS (6).pngTake that as you will. But I mean to give up my time to organizations and causes that move me. It has always been in sown in my personality fabric, who says that? Ugh. But I have always been someone to volunteer and this year will be no different.

What will be your plan to make 2016 the best year you’ve ever had? Please tell me, I want to know! Together we can grow together and make our dreams come true.

Don’t forget to go change the world because we all have the power to!



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