Be Your Own Valentine

So many people wallow in their sorrow when that sacred day rolls around each February. How could you let a revenue based holiday determine your happiness? Well let me correct myself first. Valentine’s Day has some deep religious roots but we as a society have turned it into a revenue generating rose and chocolate festival. Here are some reasons on why you should be your own valentine.

COLLECTIONSLet’s be honest with ourselves. Celebrating this day of love has turned into quite the investment. I mean think about dinner, roses, chocolate, and whatever else you desire. But when you are your own Valentine you can buy Trader Joe’s $3 wine and some ice cream.

COLLECTIONS-2It seems that Valentine’s Day celebrations have begun to turn into full blown orchestrated all-day events.  But on the flip side you could sleep in, cuddle your cat, and do what you want when you want to do it.

COLLECTIONS-5When it comes to love the most important is self love. That is because before anyone else can love you and your journey you must love it yourself. Why not devote an entire day to loving yourself?

COLLECTIONS-7Who likes sharing chocolate? No one.

COLLECTIONS-8You might as well join in grossly overspending on materialistic items to show your affection. But only for yourself. Maybe send yourself flowers, teddy bears, or something else iconically V-Day. Now this doesn’t mean sending them to work to make everyone think you have a bae, let’s be clear. No one wants to be that person.


The moral of this is that you should be your own love story. We spend too much time dwelling on being single and woe is me. Well it’s time to put your adults pants on and remember that you have to pay your own bills and make your own success. The minute you begin relying on someone else is the day you’ve lost sight of yourself.


Go out there and change the world because we all have the power to!



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