This past weekend I made the pilgrimage from Detroit to New York City to see Adele perform at Madison Square Garden. Many called me crazy, many praised my desire for adventure, while others were frankly not surprised. At this point in my life anytime that I do something like this there is a small sect of family and friends that almost anticipate it.

20160926_221956.jpg  20160926_221303.jpg  20160926_222217

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that her voice is simply amazing. Though for me my admiration of her goes far beneath her ability to belt out a high note. If you are any type of fan you are aware of the gap of time that passed between her albums 21 and the current one 25. Don’t fear there is going to be another gap before her next one too. She said at her concert that she will disappear again and go experience life. Her songs are written by her in the depth of emotional times. She doesn’t just pump out songs to appease the masses. That is what makes her an artist–not a pop star.


I can confidently say that after seeing her in concert I am inspired to work towards my dreams. Just as she did, believing in herself and her music every step of the way. She also doesn’t take life too serious and enjoys the humor in everyday life. Just as you should. Maybe you don’t sing — the lord knows that’s not in my skill set. But what I do know that I want to spend my time on this earth creating a platform in which I have the opportunity to encourage others to achieve their goals. Don’t just let your dreams be dreams make them your reality. I am, won’t you?

Here is a little snippet from the concert!




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