An Open Letter to my Neighbors

Dear Neighbor,

Our nation is weary of the racism, bigotry, and hate that prevailed in this election. Though we must accept the results of this historic election and move forward to creating a stronger more prosperous society. We must overcome these obstacles with nothing but love, faith, and perseverance. Looking beyond the rhetoric of the President-Elect’s campaign we have to strengthen our hold to our civil rights that could slip from our grasp. There is no time better than this very moment to make your voice heard.

I speak to not only the neighbors who live next door but to the ones that are far and wide. To recently immigrated families, to my fellow LGBT community, to the African American community, to the Hispanic community, to women, to children, to Muslims, to differently-abled Americans, and every other marginalized community. I’m glad you’re here. I’m happy to be your neighbor and my heart is full of love and support for you.

I make a pledge to make my voice heard and to ensure we do not lose grasp of those unalienable rights that this great nation promised us. I hope you will join me too in the spirit of humanity.

Finally, I have faith in this democracy and the people that fill every community. When we band together we can truly make sure that #LoveTrumpsHate.

From your proud neighbor,


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