What are you doing now?

Raise your hand if you’re tired to trying to get healthy? Oh you’re not alone. I have tried year after year to get myself together. Previously I have run a 10K and I am dedicated to finishing a half marathon this year. Though I want to focus on a wholesome attempt to getting a healthier.

I have started a new blog, #PapiHasGoals, that is dedicated to just that. I hope you will join me there as I kick myself to start moving. I just posted my first blog there today and hope you will check back for more. It is about me stumbling through my first yoga class.

Will I stop posting here? No. You’re not that lucky friends. I want to continue writing about positivity, important issues, and other motivational topics here.

Read my new post here.

Let’s get healthy together. If we ain’t got our health, we ain’t got nothing.

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