Oh Betsy.

With the recent confirmation of Betsy DeVos as our Secretary of Education we can all rest assured that our children will receive a subpar education at no fault of our hardworking teachers but will be protected from grizzly attacks. In the true democratic spirit I have written a letter to the senators that voted in favor of her confirmation as well as listed them below. In addition, I have also included information regarding the amount of money the DeVos family has contributed to them along with some other fun facts. I want you to be fully equipped when reaching out to them!


Dear Senator,

I am deeply disappointed in your recent decision to support and confirm Betsy DeVos as the Secretary of Education. This administration along with yourself have made a decision that will negatively effect every student and educator that call our public schools and universities home. Why do our teachers need to be ‘Highly Qualified’ but the Secretary of Education can be grossly under-qualified? Maybe your endorsement for her confirmation was based on your personal beliefs, pressure from fellow republicans, or even a donation from the DeVos family. I write to you today to inform you that I will not allow your inadequate abilities to represent your constituency to silent my significant belief that Secretary DeVos was the wrong choice. I will continue in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead to stand up for our children and educators. Though you may have failed America’s children, I will not.

Best Regards,

[Your Name]


Senator & State Send an E-mail Twitter Handle
Vice President Mike Pence Click Here @mike_pence
Steve Daines Mont. Click Here @SteveDaines
John Thune S.D. Click Here @SenJohnThune
Ron Johnson Wisc. Click Here @SenRonJohnson
Richard M. Burr N.C. Click Here @SenatorBurr
Jeff Sessions (Attorn. Gen.) Click Here @SenatorSessions
Roger Wicker Miss.** Click Here @SenatorWicker
Roy Blunt Mo. Click Here @RoyBlunt
Bob Corker Tenn.** Click Here @SenBobCorker
Mike Enzi Wyo. Click Here @SenatorEnzi
John Barrasso Wyo.** Click Here @SenJohnBarrasso
Dean Heller Nev.** Click Here @SenDeanHeller
Rob Portman Ohio Click Here @senrobportman
Bill Cassidy Louis. Click Here @BillCassidy
John McCain Arz. Click Here @SenJohnMcCain
Richard C. Shelby Ala. Click Here @SenShelby
Mike Lee Utah Click Here @SenMikeLee
Ted Cruz Tex.** Click Here @SenTedCruz
Dan Sullivan Alaska Click Here @SenDanSullivan
Cory Gardner Colo. Click Here @SenCoryGardner
Rand Paul Ky. Click Here @RandPaul
Deb Fischer Neb.** Click Here @SenatorFischer
Lindsey Graham S.C. Click Here @GrahamBlog
James M. Inhofe Okla. Click Here @InhofePress
Jim Risch Idaho Click Here @SenatorRisch
James Lankford Okla. Click Here @SenatorLankford
Jerry Moran Kans. Click Here @JerryMoran
Patrick J. Toomey Pa. Click Here @SenToomey
Joni Ernst Iowa Click Here @SenJoniErnst
Tom Cotton Ark. Click Here @SenTomCotton
Mike Rounds S.D. Click Here @SenatorRounds
Thad Cochran Miss. Click Here @SenThadCochran
Mitch McConnell Ky. Click Here @McConnellPress
Michael D. Crapo Idaho Click Here @MikeCrapo
John Hoeven N.D. Click Here @SenJohnHoeven
Pat Roberts Kan. Click Here @SenPatRoberts
Shelley Moore Capito W.Va. Click Here @SenCapito
Orrin G. Hatch Utah** Click Here @SenOrrinHatch
John Kennedy Louis. Click Here @SenJohnKennedy
Thom Tillis N.C. Click Here @SenThomTillis
Todd Young Ind. Click Here @SenToddYoung
Jeff Flake Ariz.** Click Here @JeffFlake
David Perdue Ga. Click Here @sendavidperdue
Johnny Isakson Ga. Click Here @SenatorIsakson
Charles E. Grassley Iowa Click Here @ChuckGrassley
John Cornyn Tex. Click Here @JohnCornyn
John Boozman Ark. Click Here @JohnBoozman
Tim Scott S.C. Click Here @SenatorTimScott
Ben Sasse Neb. Click Here @SenSasse
Marco Rubio Fla. Click Here @SenRubioPress
Lamar Alexander Tenn. Click Here @SenAlexander

** indicates term is up in 2018.

Well you’re at it, why not contact Betsy DeVos?
202-401-3000 <–Her Washington D.C. office 


This table below indicates the DeVos family donation per senator.

Source: Center for American Progress; Every Voice; Federal Election Commission.

“Big donors often get positions in government, ambassadorships or ceremonial titles, but rarely do they come as big as DeVos. Sitting Republican senators have received $115,000 from Betsy DeVos herself, and more than $950,000 from the full DeVos clan since 1980. In the past two election cycles alone, her family has donated $8.3 million to Republican Party super PACs.” Source: MSN.com

Take a look at Betsy DeVos’ Resume….LOL (View Here)

Oh Betsy, we're just as confused on how you got there..png


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