Now What?

As I sit in the hallway of my University waiting for class to begin I figured I might as well post rather than doing my homework. Rational thinking, right? It has been such an interesting roller coaster for this country since we got an entire new administration. Can you believe that it has only been 68 days since Trump moved into the White House. Not to depress you or excite you, wherever you lie on the scale of humanity, we still have 1,393 days left of Trump permitting he makes it to the end of his term. Now I wouldn’t wish anything harmful on anyone so I’m exclusively speaking about him getting impeached as he is clearly not fit to serve the American people.

For me there has been many alarming indicators that our train is running off the rails. Not to mention the very muddy waters separating his billion dollar personal businesses and the general interests of the federal government. He claims that his children have taken over the business but I have a very hard time digesting and believing that he speaks zero business with them. Not to mention according to the Chicago Tribune Trump has visited one of his properties nearly 1 out of every 3 days he has been in office. As President of the United States of America I expect that you should probably be visiting the Oval Office that often. This isn’t a “job” where you get to take time off whenever you please. You’re running this country and making decisions that effect the over 318 million people that call this country home.

Additionally, I’m not mad that he uses Twitter because so do most world leaders. What concerns me is the way that he uses it and how he conducts himself. Spending hours trolling others for not believing his political views or his agenda. The nature of government in a democracy allows people of all beliefs a space to work together and develop resolutions that have the interests of the majority in mind. Unfortunately, President Trump is more leaning towards wanting to be a dictator based on his actions. I don’t think that it will ever get to the point of a true dictatorship before he is thrown from the throne but the journey is scary. For instance, his tweet about watching Jeanine Pirro on Fox News without telling you why. Then it just so happened that in her Opening Statement she was calling for Paul Ryan to step down from his position as the Speaker of the House because he didn’t deliver the votes to pass TrumpCare. That dances the fine line of state run television and news. Which if you aren’t familiar is what happens in dictatorships. Though his eloquent and well-mannered Press Secretary spinned it that he just really enjoys Jeanine. Well I think anyone would favor someone who speaks their triumphs on national television.


Just like so many people, I am exhausted. It feels like everyday we’ve woken up our government has done something to help promote a white male society or irritated another country. I understand that changes need to be made and every administration has their own agenda. Though I think that what we’ve witnessed and gone through the last 68 days is cause for concern. I’m talking the confirmation of Betsy DeVos as our Secretary of Education and the eviction of Native Americans from their land. Since the election of the current president we’ve seen violence against minorities, non-english speakers, LGBTQ+ individuals, Muslim-Americans, and all other marginalized groups increase dramatically. In some parts of this nation many live in fear for their safety and well being often sighting this as “Trump’s America.” Well luckily this country doesn’t belong to him or his administration of bigots and special interests. It belongs to the millions of individuals that call this nation home. We are a country of vast diversity and abilities. We need to continue to celebrate that and keep fighting the good fight.


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