Dropping The T

I have started and stopped this blog multiple times because it is hard to write about a mainstream label put onto a group of individuals. Though at the end of the day I need to be comfortable in embracing this as a strength of our community. What acronym or label am I referencing you ask? That’s the LGBT+ “label” used to describe the repeatedly marginalized community that is forever struggling to fit into a binary heteronormative world.  If you’re currently thinking to yourself, what in the heck do those words mean? Look them up, I used them not to confuse you but educate you. As I continue my own education I truly understand that education is power. It allows us to fill in the gaps of understanding when it comes to accepting the journeys of other people.

For many years, individuals and organizations have tried to make a considerable effort in removing the T from the LGBT+ acronym. Leaving lesbian, gay, and bisexual individuals as the only ones recognized. In short, this is complete crap. If you aren’t familiar, the T in this societal label stands for the Transgender community. This is a community of brave individuals that are on a lifelong journey to create a body and life that they feel complete inside. In my humble opinion, I truly believe that these individuals are some of the bravest I know. They wake up every morning in a body that isn’t their home and jump out of bed and set foot in a world that doesn’t accept them. This isn’t just like not accepting them at the middle school lunchroom. This is a world that desires that they weren’t alive or makes considerable effort to make healthcare almost inaccessible to them. With these obstacles being created at the hands of cis white men who have wives and 2.5 children. Yes, like its 1950 and Leave it to Beaver is still on television. Also, if you don’t know what “cis white men” means then, look it up. It is important.

All of this leads me to this point. It doesn’t matter what your motivation is for the T to be removed from the LGBT+ acronym, I’m not listening. I can’t speak on behalf of mainstream gay media because I have my own issues with the portrayals of the gay experience. But for me, LGBT+ signals a community of individuals that are continuously marginalized based on who they love and how they want their bodies to be interpreted by people around them. For some, the removal of the transgender community from the acronym is simply because trans rights are more complex. To that I say, shockingly, they’re called human rights. For others, it is a political move to divide the community. To them I say, try better next time. A topic for another time is the obsession our society has regarding performing one of the two binary genders. You have to be a masculine dude or a dainty woman. Anything in between is just weird in the eyes of general society. Why don’t you just worry about doing you? Let others do them.

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