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My name is Nick Beaven

& I am so happy that we have crossed paths.

I like watching endless hours of pointless YouTube videos, wearing cardigans year round, and celebrating the holiday season without limits. This blog is my way of capturing my true passion for life and compassion for others. In hopes that one day someone somewhere will be inspired to lead a more passionate life. Until then I hope you enjoy my antics and random adventures. I don’t have a rhyme or rhythm to my life besides just to make it the most impactful and meaningful one I can. Wanna chat more? E-mail me! itsnickbeaven@gmail.com


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  1. Spenser says:

    I really like your blog, Nick. Really, all you share. It’s good to find someone who resonates with the positive. Thank you.


    1. Thank you so much! In such a changing world we must remember to stay positive.


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